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Terroir : Vallée de la Marne
Villages : La Neuville aux Larris
Soil : Clay and Silt
Varietals : 100% Meunier
Blend : 50% of the current harvest and 50% of Soléra (started in 2009)

Ageing : minimum 3 years
Dosage : 8 gr/L

Tasting notes

This wine is bright with beautiful golden reflects.

The nose is buttery and unctuous. The second nose is nutty with roasted hazelnuts and almonds aromas. The intensity of the Meunier stands out with ripe fruits notes, leaving an explosive and intense sensation. 

The final is long and ample. 

Food Pairing

This champagne is perfect for a meal with a mild dish like a tajine or shellfish wok. 



Soléra is a vinification method from Spain which has been applied by some champagne growers for the past few years. It is the opposite principle of a vintage champagne, as this method consists on blending various harvests. The first year, you fill up the vat with the current harvest, then the following year, you remove a part of it and replace it with the harvest of that year. 

In other terms, a wine coming from a soléra method, always contains a part of the first harvest. This method allows the wine to age but also creates an homogenisation throughout the years in order to respect the style of the house.

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