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Terroir : Vallée de la Marne
Villages : Cuchery – Paradis – La Neuville aux Larris - Champlat

Soil : Clay
Varietals : 100 % Meunier

Vinification : Rosé de Saignée

Maceration for 24 to 36h regarding the harvest

Aging : Minimum 4 years
Dosage : 10 gr /L

Tasting Notes

Darker pink, red cherry colour.

The nose is really fruit forward with riped red fruits such as cherries and strawberries. Subtle notes of caramelised aromas, orange liqueur and nougatine.

The attack is soft and we taste a lot of cooked strawberries and fresh cherries. This wine is feminine and enchanting, the balance between the nose and the palate is persistent all along the tasting. The freshness is still perceptible.

Food pairing

This champagne is mouth-watering. There is no reason not to serve it during a meal and to dare pair it with a homemade beef burger, with caramelised onions and rocket.

Rosé de Saignée

This method is the natural method to obtain a rosé wine. It consists on leaving the skin and the juice of the grapes to macerate for a few hours. The natural pigments contained in the skin of the Meunier grape will colour and enrich the juice with their aromas. 

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