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Marion & Pierre

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Marion Mordelles

Born in Cognac, Marion has always been attracted to wines and spirits. Curious and passionate about travel, she naturally decided to get a Technical Degree in International Trade, followed by a Bachelor and a MBA in Wine Sales & Marketing at the Bordeaux International Wine Institute, offered by the INSEEC Business School. After five years of apprenticeship in various domains (logistics, transport, sales, marketing and communication), Marion settled in the US to represent French wine negotiants on the American market, before moving back to France to work for a prestigious Champagne House as an Export Manager. 

Today Marion lives between France and Scotland, in Glasgow.

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Pierre Grandin

Pierre is the offspring of many champagne growers' generations. As long as he can remember, he always wished to work for his beloved family estate. That is why he focused his studies on learning all the skills to become a champagne producer. After graduating High Shool with a Degree in Chemistry, he obtained a Viticulture & Oenology Technical Degree in Champagne and later on in Burgundy.

Stepping on his technical degrees, he continued his training with a Bachelor and a MBA in Wine Sales & Marketing at the Bordeaux International Wine Institute. He graduated in 2012 and after gaining experiences in numerous wine regions, he finally immersed himself in the family estate. 

In 2019, Pierre and Marion decided to combine their expertise and to launch their own champagnes. 

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